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  • No DEAL! +

    No DEAL! Episode 184 So Walshy was asleep when all the Brassard stuff went down, Gunner gives Walshy an idea of what happened. They discuss the trade Read More
  • Thick as Wood +

    Thick as Wood Quick and easy one to go over.  This is a suspension, pretty simple. Took a look, went across the ice, saw numbers and still decided Read More
  • 1 game, come on! +

    1 game, come on! So Dustin Brown is smarter than I give him credit for. The cost-benefit analysis he has completed when he crosses the line is brilliant. In Read More
  • Things never change +

    Things never change The NHLPA really should sit down with it's members and work out what they want. Do they want a safer environment where concussions are less Read More
  • Miscellaneous Hockey Thoughts +

    Miscellaneous Hockey Thoughts Episode 180 A lot happens when you miss a week, the Penguins best players heat up and they start to win, teams go on hot Read More
  • A collection of bad decisions +

    A collection of bad decisions So lets go all the way back, back to January for the Corey Perry elbow to the head of Letang.  Corey Perry deserves no benefit Read More
  • Player Safety is a mess +

    Player Safety is a mess When a player has a hearing I think the least the Department of Player Safety can do is a video explaining why they think there Read More
  • Rivalry game marred by headshot +

    Rivalry game marred by headshot Such a shame that a consecutive games streak comes to an end via a suspension, but what is worse is that the decision made by Read More
  • Maroon-on +

    Maroon-on I am glad that Patrick Maroon did get suspended for his high hit on Drew Doughty. But this hit is indicitive of the Oilers struggles Read More
  • That is predatory +

    That is predatory This hit almost comes at Acciari from the old Matt Cooke predatory angle, in fact if Acciari doesn't turn to skate away after playing the Read More
  • Lets see it now Parros +

    Lets see it now Parros So Georgie Boy, lets see this vaunted knowing the game skill set that got you the job work here. No matter how you dice it Read More
  • Hmmm, that's not OK. +

    Hmmm, that's not OK. So anyone want to venture a guess what Radko Gudas is going to get for this horrific slash to the head of Perreault?  Scary moment Read More
  • Watson is dangerous +

    Watson is dangerous Well Austin Watson has been walking a fine line for quite some time. Will the department of player safety think he crossed it, who knows? Read More
  • 1 game, that'll stop em +

    1 game, that'll stop em So 1 game, that will make all the difference in Gudbranson's decision making if he goes to hit a player from behind again. At worst Read More
  • Pittsburgh, you are Hippocrites +

    Pittsburgh, you are Hippocrites Pittsburgh, hang your heads in shame, after everything your superstar player has been through from the Steckel hit to the 'decapitation' in the playoffs last Read More
  • NO Excuse, play the puck please +

    NO Excuse, play the puck please So Martin Hanzal chose to play the body rather than the puck. The result was a shot to the head, yes Weber was reaching forward Read More
  • Please Parros make Wilson Pay +

    Please Parros make Wilson Pay UPDATE Due to a technical snafu, I couldn't get this posted prior to the 4 game ruling being handed down. Parros did not bring the Read More
  • It Got Busy Real Quick +

    It Got Busy Real Quick So 2 of these inside of 24 hours. Isn't it amazing that as the stakes rise the physicality rises and players fighting for jobs or Read More
  • Tom F'ing Wilson +

    Tom F'ing Wilson Welcome back to hockey Mr Wilson you piece of garbage. What is most frustrating about his 2 game suspension is the ruling stated he has Read More
  • Updated Suspension System +

    Updated Suspension System So here it is, ready for the 2017-18 season.  Maybe some explanation for comparison to last year and what the changes are.  You will notice Read More
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