The Nashville Predators have been one of the surprise teams so far this season. They are currently the fourth best team in the entire NHL with a 19-7-2 record. Over the offseason Nashville fired the only coach the franchise had ever known in Barry Trotz. Peter Laviolette has come in and done a great job to this point. One of the huge differences from recent memory has been the Predators ability to control the flow of the game. Nashville’s possession game under Laviolette has been much better.





You can see the huge uptick so far this season. It is important to keep in mind we are only dealing with a 28 game sample size but it is encouraging and much better than the past few Trotz season.



Not only are the team metrics on the upswing but the Predators may have their first player since 2006-07 who scores more than a point per game.


*Players had to play at least 50% of the season to be eligible



Nashville fans have had to endure a lot of unskilled hockey over the years. With the uptick in possession, the potential of another point per game scorer, and their overall record there is a lot to be excited about in the Music City these days.

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