I'm not really in the mood to talk about hockey today. The Pittsburgh community has bigger things to deal with.

I'm sorry that the Pittsburgh community has to deal with this. I predict it is something I will eventually have to deal with in my community as well because the status quo will eventually hit all communities. This is not a political issue it is a public health crisis. Anybody who tries to politicize this issue is probably someone who hasn’t had this happen close to home, yet.

We keep appeasing these losers who just have to have their AR-15's for the shooting range. Their hobby shouldn't outweigh the destruction and carnage it has caused so many. So much death and destruction in what should be benign environments (schools, places of worship, theaters, etc…). Again, this is a full blown public health crisis.

It is time to call the people who enable this behavior out. The ones that do politicize this issue. Your desire to live out your Call of Duty fantasies at the range is pathetic. Your logic for your need to have an AR-15 is bullshit.

Simply put, you are not, I repeat you are NOT ever going to defeat the United States government in a coup d'état with your basic model assault rifle. This isn’t the revolutionary war where everybody has a single shot musket and few cannons. You cannot and will not defeat drones that are able to be controlled from half a world away and cause destruction. It is also probably a good time to point out that the lion’s share of people on their high horse for the second amendment are the same ones that vote for politicians who simultaneously support that amendment, but also increase spending to the military to the tone of billions. In this fictional world where the AR-15 owners of America need to step up to the government you would only be fighting what you enabled in the first place.

Here’s a public service announcement from all the people who are sick and tired of another mass shooting being treated like just another Saturday in this country: Take your “thoughts and prayers” and shove them up your fucking ass. It doesn’t mean shit. It never meant shit. It will never mean shit. People praying today were shot up. Didn’t seem to work for them and it doesn’t seem to work as a solution to any of this.

On November 6th we have a responsibility to correct this public health crisis. Find out who in your area thinks “thoughts and prayers” is a reasonable solution to this crisis while taking money from the NRA on the side (https://splinternews.com/every-member-of-congress-who-took-money-from-the-nra-an-1823035413). Those people are deplorable. They do not care about your communities. They care about staying in power and taking the easiest path to do so. https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/summary.php?id=d000000082

On November 6th you have the chance to put a dent in this public health crisis. It is going to take years to fix the issue. It has to start somewhere and it should start now.

Fuck thoughts and prayers. Fuck the NRA. Fuck anybody who thinks this is a political issue.