A hit that has flown under the radar due to the wonderful work in the media by Zac Rinaldo, is the hit on Robert Bortuzzo by Michael Del Zotto.

I have had a few people ask about how the system is constructed so I am going to use this hit as an example. 

Under this system a player can get suspended for a whole season:


That is a worse case scenario, a head shot with an elbow, repeat offender kind of thing, think Matt Cooke/Marc Savard.

The total numbers for each 'factor' in the table is as follows:


If you bring this back to the Del Zotto hit on Bortuzzo:


The only reason I say he was trying to hurt Bortuzzo is he jumped into the hit, and that is where everything else comes into play. Hey I am all for Del Zotto trying to hurt Bortuzzo, but jumping and having an extended elbow connecting with the head, no need, and no point. Del Zotto would have finished his check with physicality even if he didn't jump into the hit.

I suspended Bortuzzo for the same kind of issue with his hit on Jaromir Jagr earlier in the year. I originally gave the hit 8 games, but following Quintal's rational I gave Bortuzzo 12 games.

An archive to the other suspensions I have had a look at are here.

Thanks for reading.


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