Well Jared Cowen got his moneys worth on this hit on Jokinen.

As much as Jokinen is ‘admiring’ his pass he should not be expecting to be hit, especially from the blind side, as the puck is no where near him when contact is made.

So the interference penalty is the right call. That is all this needs to be.

I have also taken a look at the hit from this angle.

I am struggling to see where Cowen actually makes contact with the head of Jokinen, with any part of his body. There may be a slight, and I mean slight, clipping of the chin, but the full force of Cowen's shoulder goes through Jokinen's chest.

If Cowen does get suspended or a fine I will feel sorry for him, however he does have one strike against his name, so he has a history.

He got two games there, so it could come into consideration for any decision the Department may lay down on him.

If I run with the premise that Cowen does make contact with Jokinen's head (which I don't) here is how it would wash out in our system:


I can't see why they are looking at this, it was late, it was a penalty, but I cannot see any contact to Jokinen's head. So if Cowen is suspended it should be more than two games as he is a repeat offender.

As always the NHL will leave us guessing and wishing for consistency.

If Jokinen is a little wobbly on his legs it is because his brain rattled around in his skull from not being ready for the hit, not because he was hit by Cowen in the head.

Thanks for reading!