So Dustin Brown is smarter than I give him credit for. The cost-benefit analysis he has completed when he crosses the line is brilliant. In the past 3 weeks, he has managed to miss 1 game and lose a total of $36,586. Why would he change his behaviour? The fact he has been only been dinged twice in his 1000 games doesn't attest to a clean player, it shows how blind or unwilling the Department of Player Safety has been on Brown's other situations. 

The video even goes out of its way to state this is all Brown's fault, not Sergachev's and here is the rub, by not actually suspending his for the Schultz hit, the fine doesn't become a factor when the Department of Player Safety add up the games missed. Within that context the 1 game suspension makes sense, but this is not enough. 


Boston complain about Marchand getting reputational games for his suspension, but the fact Dustin Brown only got one game here, for me, dictates that it is still a raffle as to what is severe and what is not. If Sergachev didn't return to the game or totally blew out his knee, the suspension would be higher, but that is not something that should be considered, punish the act, not the result of the car crash.

If I factor in the 1 previous suspension and the fine Brown recently got, this is his third disciplinary case and really cranks up the games lost. 


Just watch for the suspensions to get smaller the closer we get to the end of the season, I have no doubt the importance of the last 20 games will factor into taking 1 game off each decision.

Thanks for reading.