The NHLPA really should sit down with it's members and work out what they want. Do they want a safer environment where concussions are less prevalent and hopefully issues like CTE later in life will less too? You know for all the players who came before them, who set the scene for th.... yada, yada, yada. 

I know pro sports is a 'live the moment' life, you dont look past the next game or even the next shift in this sport but unless the NHLPA take a good look at their attitude towards player safety I think they will end up with a class action against them too. 

The outrage from the Nashville organisation about the Forsberg suspension and Ottawa saying all the 'right' things about Burrows just flies in the face of the players saying they want this kind of stuff out of the sport. They are not going to be able to walk both sides of the line soon. 

The outrage of 3 games for this hit is laughable. Just flip the situation, would you be happy with one of your own players being levelled outside the rules like that? 


 Can you see Forsberg laying out that hit knowing he would miss 2/3 of the remainder of the season? Being a first-time offender saved his ass from missing the season. 

Alex, Alex, Alex, when you have a reputation of being a serial pest you are going to get no leniency for your actions. 5 fines plus one suspension, now because the fines do not count against his history he only gets classed as a 1 time offender, so even then the 10 games he did get suspended for is light. So Ottawa stop complaining, you'll have your pest back sooner than you should. 

My system has taken into account the 6 previous occasions Burrows has been tagged; it is not pretty. The stick needs to be bigger for this sport, but it will require the younger players to stand up and change the old way of thinking in the NHLPA, that includes RFA status changes. 


 Thanks for reading!