So lets go all the way back, back to January for the Corey Perry elbow to the head of Letang. 

Corey Perry deserves no benefit of the doubt, he has become just as dirty as Brad Marchand (we will get to that later.) There was no need to do what he did to Letang here, how a blind-side hit to the head doesn't get a look in for George Parros shows you how little will there is to change the game. 

The players do not help themselves however, getting more upset about Cogliano losing his ironman streak on a suspension rather than the play that had concussion written all over it. 

Back to Perry, video is below

Argue with me all day long about intent, but that is predatory, coming in on a player in their blind spot and flicking out the elbow to make sure you make contact with the head, it is dirty as hell, Matt Cooke like really, thankfully without the result. 


Now we get to the Marchand hit, I have heard differing views on this hit, some saying it was accidental and he got 5 games because of reputation. There is the other side of the coin where he only got 5 games because he is a star and the league doesn't like to suspend stars. I think they just got it flat out wrong, now I know that the 5 games is the most the league can suspend Marchand without having to go to a 3rd party to review the hit, so they did give him all they could. 


Marchand does have a huge history, actually the biggest, most bigly history; the best. 

That history is what destroys him here. 

If you want to be friendly and say it was an accident.


If you think he was out for blood. 


Either way, it is not pretty for the All-Star, and I know he would have been happy to take the weekend off, but no suspended player should be attending the All-Star weekend. 

Now, Mr. Larsson, this is just weak, a stick to the face of an opposing player. I have given him the benefit of the doubt here, due to no history but it was a dangerous decision, and a stick with full force to the face, you can't just let that go, the system doesn't miss, 17 games for a first time offender is massive. 


Radko, Radko, Radko, what do we do with you hey? 

The man is not a liability for the Flyers on the ice, the issue is stopping him from getting suspended so he can stay on the ice. I know the Philly broadcast team attempted to throw some cold water on the incident with the 'attempting to get out of the way' argument but I am not buying it. If that is all Gudas is thinking, his forearm doesn't make contact with Palmieri's head. I think was screws Palmieri up, however, is his head hitting the ice, not the forearm shiver. This is why you cannot take injury into consideration, the hit itself didn't cause the concussion, the impact on the ice did. 

Take 107 games away from Radko if you believe the primary point of contact is the head. 


Only 53 if you can make the case the head was secondary, I refuse to take the suggestion that this wasn't predatory, so I am not putting in a careless category on this. 


Bad decisions all around from these players, but what is worse is the decision by the NHLPA to restrict how hard the Department of Player Safety can actually go, and the Department for putting Parros in, it is time to put in someone that was not an ex-player. 

Thanks for reading.