When a player has a hearing I think the least the Department of Player Safety can do is a video explaining why they think there is no suspension. The press release on the NHL site is not enough to explain why a player isn't going to miss games.


One factor in Brown's favor is he has not been suspended since 2013, so his history it outside the window the Department of Player Safety can use as a repeat offender. I still do not think they would have suspended him anyway, for some reason the person getting hit seems to have a much larger responsibility factored into a decision than any other contact league I watch.

Brown made the decision to cross-check a player who was on his knees with his numbers exposed for quite some time, even Jim Fox said so on the broadcast, Jim FOX! I mean come on, if he can see the issue with the hit, surely the Department of Player Safety can. $10K is not going to make Dustin Brown think twice about doing something like this again, especially in the playoffs, if Brown is in a game 6 and does this again, can you really see the league suspend him for 1 game for this? It will be another 10K fine. 

I do note that Schultz has said he is ok and has no concussion from this, but as I have stated many times before; injury should take no part in the decision on a suspension. 


 The 32 games accumulates from Brown's history, I included Brown's 2013 suspension in this, I didn't even give Brown an injurious or predatory hit intent and still Brown ends up with 32 games on the sidelines. 

I know the department of player safety is never going to go this stiff, but give us an actual process, something tangible that makes it possible to see consistency in the decisions, I know I am in the minority on the Giordano hit on Aho, but I still think he gets Aho in the head first. Yes, Aho can expect to get hit, but not in the head. 

Thanks for reading!