Such a shame that a consecutive games streak comes to an end via a suspension, but what is worse is that the decision made by Cogliano was predatory and only got 2 games for it. 

This game was hate-filled and violent, 2 things many on Twitter were highlighting for the better; fights and big hits, a real regular season rivalry that we don't see much in the NHL these days. 


But this hit is the result of that style of game, players with no history of this stuff, get caught up in the flow of the game and do this. To only be punished 2 games for a predatory headshot is disgraceful, I have no doubt the Department of Player safety took the feeling of the game into account with their decision, it was a game that was heading this way. 


Do I think Cogliano will do something like this again due to the minor 2 game suspension? No; but that is not the point, he went after a guy way off the puck hit him flush in the head and only got 2 games for it. 

Not good enough, this isn't too far from the Cooke and Torres type of hits we have wanted to be outlawed in the game. 

Like I said, it is a shame the streak has come to an end, but if you want to highlight the physical nature of the sport and look at it as a highlight, these are the consequences that sometimes happen. 

Thankfully embed is back!

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