I am glad that Patrick Maroon did get suspended for his high hit on Drew Doughty. But this hit is indicitive of the Oilers struggles this season, instead of looking to receive the pass from McDavid with Doughty having overplayed (for good reason) and providing Maroon with inside position towards the net, Maroon decides to make a hit and TOTALLY IGNORE THE PUCK. 

The fact this isn't even discussed in the video by the Department of Player Safety is a joke, they do mention that an expectation of Doughty touching the puck allows Maroon to engage in a hit, however look at the stick position of Doughty, there is no way he is playing that puck, McDavid's reach allows him to find Maroon's stick as a left hander. Without the high hit the call in just a 2 minute intereference minor, as stated in the video, but Maroon chose to run a defender in the offensive zone and ignore the possibility of a scoring chance. 

There is so much wrong with this decision from Maroon, it highlights one of the reasons the Oilers are struggling to score. 

Here is the link to the actual decision from the Department of Player Safety. The idiots have removed the ability to embed their videos. 

2 games is what we can expect from the department of player safety, but 12 would be better. 


I marked this as predatory as the puck was available to be played and Maroon ignored it, I can't emphasize how stupid I think that decision is, if you are going to ignore the puck you get no sympathy from me in relation to 'accidentally' hitting another player in the head. 

Thank for reading.