This hit almost comes at Acciari from the old Matt Cooke predatory angle, in fact if Acciari doesn't turn to skate away after playing the puck you can make the arguement that Claesson was going to "Matt Cooke" Acciari. Travis Yost made a good point a couple of days ago how Brendan Shannahan started to really throw the hammer but people within the league freaked out. The result is less games lost due to suspension, and a bigger window for the class action to take the NHL to task for not changing on ice behaviour. 

Also WHAT THE HELL NHL, where has the embed option gone in your videos? So I apologise for the terrible size of this from Sportsnet

Back to the actual suspension, 16 games. A little tougher than the 2 Claesson got, it really does feel like Parros has lightened off on the volume of games being dished out by the Department of Player Safety. Maybe having an ex-player who is sympathetic to the hitter and not the hitee is not the best idea for the safety of the players. Just because a player returns to the game does not mean the action is any less egregious than if a player is injured on the play. 


I will say this about the puck location however, that puck is long gone, but due to this sport being so fast Claesson had no way of bailing on the hit once he had committed, he really needed to get this hit right or he was always going to be in trouble, he got it very wrong.

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