So Georgie Boy, lets see this vaunted knowing the game skill set that got you the job work here. No matter how you dice it Rinaldo shouldn't play another game this year.

There is certainly a case that the hit he threw on MacKinnon was clean, absolutely it was, it was a great open ice hit actually, but what transpired after it is garbage in hockey in 2017. It may have been ok back in the decades of ages past but not today. That is not how you keep fighting in the game, it wasn't a fight, it was a sucker punch, Rinaldo knows it, Parros knows it, Bissonnette knows it. This cannot pass with a slap on the wrists. 

One point that I strongly agree with Bissonnette on is a clean hit should not start a retaliatory action from a teammate. This culture of an 'eye for an eye' in hockey is what made the whole event happen, don't take lightly the fact it was a rookie who was attempting to 'defend' MacKinnon and a new player to the team on top of that. That cultural change needs to happen at the elite junior level in coaching, just don't coach it into the kids. pretty simple. 

All of that said, you are responsible for your actions on the ice and Rinaldo needs to be a poster boy, just like Raffi Torres was for one final time and be struck out of the game. I know the Department of Player Safety wont look past the 18 months rule the CBA has mandated for player history but this is 4 strikes and 99 games. 


If I had used the highest rated body part it would have been 114 games, but he used his hands not his elbow (1000pts). But 99 games should be enough to have Rinaldo out of the sport, if you want to see what he does there are combat sports for that, not ice hockey. 

This should not be so hard to clean up, but as always a league that is so incestual with it's hiring plan they never look outside their bubble. 

Have a great Christmas break and holiday, enjoy it with family and friends. 

Thanks for reading!