So anyone want to venture a guess what Radko Gudas is going to get for this horrific slash to the head of Perreault? 

 There really isn't any excuse to not throw the hammer down on this one. 


This would be the third suspension for Gudas, and if I am wrong on that and it is his 4th well that would be 95 games for reference at a 4.25 multiplier not the 3 for a third offense. 

It is pretty bad we are not sure what the Department of Player Safety will do here, that in itself is pretty damning. I cannot wait for a new executive branch to come in and take over the NHL once Bettman retires, issues like suspensions will change then. 

The frustrating part about Gudas is he can play, a positive corsi for percentage (53.16%) shows he does a lot of things right, he just needs this garbage out of his game.

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