So 1 game, that will make all the difference in Gudbranson's decision making if he goes to hit a player from behind again. At worst he gets 6 games and a review of the decision, players are not going to change unless the punishment makes that happen, slashing anyone? 

 I am glad the major penalty in the game was called and even happier that Boston was able to make the Canucks pay for the in-game indiscretion but the league has to start punishing this stuff harder. 


I hate that 'injury' is required for players to get punished, an eye for an eye is stupid and this comes from the enforcer theory that floats around. They do not prevent your star players from getting hit or injured, they just retaliate and injure the oppositions best players, no one wants to see that. 

Just for comparison's sake, is losing $703,830 going to make you change or is losing $18,817.20? That 20 cents are all the difference. 

Thanks for reading.