Pittsburgh, hang your heads in shame, after everything your superstar player has been through from the Steckel hit to the 'decapitation' in the playoffs last year the fact you just ignored the Hornqvist hit against Sceviour shows the duplicitous nature of the NHL. 

Suspensions are designed to change the behavior of all players on the ice, not just your opponent. The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. 

I have not read or watched one Pittsburgh media outlet discuss the below hit from Hornqvist:

Remember the Steckel hit, the same kind of garbage glancing "I didn't mean it" bullshit that started the Crosby neck issues that cost the league the best player in his prime. 

 So those of you in the Pittsburgh media who are going to cry foul when a Penguin player gets injured from a hit to the head, shut up, you are responsible for setting the narrative to the fans, and the expectations. You have access fans do not, use it for the betterment of the game. 


Please don't try and blame Sceviour for having his head down reaching for the puck, if Hornqvist wanted to retrieve the puck he would have reached for it also. One player wanted the puck, the other didn't. 

With Ken Dryden coming out with a new book I am hoping that more and more people who are "Hockey Lifers" will take a good hard look at their opinions on what is good hockey and what is good for the health of the athletes we are lucky enough to watch. 

Thank you to @mattpcovey for finding the .gif for me from CatsOntheprowl.

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