So Martin Hanzal chose to play the body rather than the puck. The result was a shot to the head, yes Weber was reaching forward a long way, BUT HE WAS PLAYING THE PUCK. Or at least attempting to before Hanzal decided to make a body check rather than play the puck himself. Don't give me the 'he had committed to the hit' garbage, look at the footage, Hanzal had a choice and he decided to light up a defenseless player who was PLAYING THE PUCK. Hanzal could have taken possession but chose not to. So Have not sympathy with the punishment the system throws down. 

 The amount of games is below:


 Hanzal gets Weber in the head clean AND he had a choice, puck or player and he chose the player over the puck. In any situation like that, it is a predatory hit when it goes wrong. Hanzal has no history that I know of, but he really got this hit wrong, these are the kind of hits that will help set a standard if he gets suspended. These are the kind of hits that players get careers screwed over on. Why? because they are not expecting to get killed, they are playing the puck and rightfully should be protected when doing so. 

I actually don't expect a suspension from this hit, if they do, I'm ecstatic, but I am not holding my breath. 

Also this is not good for hockey

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