Due to a technical snafu, I couldn't get this posted prior to the 4 game ruling being handed down. Parros did not bring the hammer.

So even before the season starts we get a chance to see if Parros has any power to throw down the hammer. Ignore the fact that Wilson will go to arbitration, ignore the fact that the Neanderthals will defend the hit, and ignore the fact game is only a pre-season game but Parros has everything he needs right now to set a new tougher standard for the Department of Player Safety after it went soft under Quintal.

There isn't much wiggle room for Wilson, first game back from his 1st preseason suspension he is at it again. 

Russian Machine Never Breaks has the footage here. Stick tap to actually having coverage, seeing as the game wasn't covered on NHL.tv. 

 2017 10 03Wilson

He should go, plain and simple, and he should go for a long time. It is quite obvious Wilson has no remorse for his actions against the Blues a few days earlier. 

So please, please, please Parros, back up that wonderful mustache and bring the hammer.