So 2 of these inside of 24 hours. Isn't it amazing that as the stakes rise the physicality rises and players fighting for jobs or for ice time cross a line. Good to see Desjardins got a match penalty for this hit. Instant punishment for these incidents will certainly help reduce their frequency, but as we saw with the Wilson hit, his hit was considered clean by the on-ice officials.

Wood can expect to get hit here, but not in the head, it is a pretty good effort to get Wood in the head actually. Desjardins had to get around Wood's shoulder to make this hit. I couldn't find a history on Desjardins, but lucky for him he only brushed Wood, it would have been a lot more than the 11 games listed here. 


Plus Desjardins is only on a PTO so his cap hit was worked out from his previous contract. 

Busy time in the preseason, hockey is back!

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