Welcome back to hockey Mr Wilson you piece of garbage. What is most frustrating about his 2 game suspension is the ruling stated he has no prior history. It shows you how negligent the NHL has been in keeping players safe. He has injured players before with borderline hits. But he doesn't have a documented past so no history it is. 

When I first looked through this hit the system came up with 17 games. It was because I decided the primary point of contact was the head. I took a second look and I could not clearly and confidently say that Wilson hit Robert Thomas in the head first. It looks like he made contact with the head but it wasn't the first point of contact. 

I still do not know how the Department of Player Safety thinks suspending a player for 2 games will change behavior but that is something I will never understand. 

Because Wilson jumps into this hit I decided to state the body position as extended, thus the 1000 points. 

Here is a closer look via @myregularface


At least this suspension would have Wilson miss games that matter, not just pre-season.   

Below is the Department of Player Safety's justification for the 2 games. 

Finally, it is disappointing but not surprising the NHL has already told the officials to back off on the ruling in the face-off circle and the slashing and hooking. 

The point of the tougher stance isn't about more power plays, it is about the players adjusting and thus having more space at 5 on 5 for the skill to shine through. This is the best sport in the world, being run by the biggest idiots in the world. Yes even worse than FIFA, although they would be the most corrupt. 

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