So here it is, ready for the 2017-18 season. 


Maybe some explanation for comparison to last year and what the changes are. 


You will notice a new category and also some categories now have more variables through them to try and be more succinct and precise to separate certain transgressions from others. The new category "Point of Contact" has been created due to the fact the department of player safety put such an emphasis on this in their decisions. It would be negligent of me to not include it in an updated system. I am using this as a way to reduce a punishment if the Department of Player Safety decides the primary point of contact is not the part of the body that takes the majority of the blow. An example would be a situation where a hit starts on the shoulder but slides up to the head. 

The only variable that did not get a facelift for this season is the History Multiplier, everything else has had either more options added to it, or the points have been modified. With Mr Parros advising he wants to put an emphasis on slashing I have added in slashing specific variables this year. Below is an example of a slashing incident.


Bad slashes are trouble under this system, 10 games is a large chunk of change to be loosing just because you were careless and slashed someone, hell if you look at Crosby last year it would be 12 games due to injurious being worth 800 points, it adds another 2 games onto the suspension in this situation. 

Hopefully, I will not have to get this thing out too much this season, maybe Parros is right and the players will police themselves better on the ice. However, if he is suggesting that slashing is rife (and it is) on the ice, then the players are going to take liberties just like they always have; new boss or not. 

Thanks for reading.