Unfortunately, I could not stay out of this. I was going to ignore it, let it slide but it IS Sidney Crosby, and there was NO suspension on this hit when a player has an injury they did not return from.

Right off the top, I am disappointed (at the time of writing) no explanation of the decision on the Player Safety video page. It is the playoffs, every call and non-call are more important, hell the reporters tell us that, the players tell us that, the officials call the game like that, why does the Department of Player Safety get a free pass here?

Onto the incident itself, it sucks, without Crosby clipping skates with Ovi this probably is just a 2 minute minor for interference. However, that is not what happened. Below is:

Well done by the officials for actually calling it a major and a game, they could have squibbed it due to it being a playoff game, but they didn't. It did affect how they called the rest of the game though, so they need to call everything on its merit, no more of the 'game management' bullshit.

I decided to look at this two ways, take the Penguins fan base route, and say he meant it, and also the Capitals fan base route, that he did not. Either way, he should miss games. 

Penguins Fans


Capitals Fans


I made the results as harsh and as light as I could, the Capitals slant is he didn't mean it, the puck was there and Crosby should have expected to be hit. The Penguins slant is the puck was on the other side of the net, he went after Crosby and did so with extreme force. 

Either way, he misses substantial time, I thought Letang should have gotten more last year than the pittance the Department of Player Safety gave him. Without a commitment from the NHLPA to change what the Department of Player Safety can actually do, we are going to see this happen to McDavid too. 

Oh and those saying this was a hockey play, still does not excuse what actually happened. A hit was incorrectly administered during the course of the game, a player was injured due to it and could not return, under the precedent set by player safety this should be a suspension. 

Thanks for reading.