So after the dust settles the decision on the suspension of Tom Sestito I still don't understand the inconsistency in the decision making. 

Compare the language in this suspension to the decision to let Gudas off due to a change of direction, there is complete hypocrisy.

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I wrote about it here.

I despise the fact Mike Sullivan even put Sestito into the line up, my fellow podcaster Ryan Wilson summarised my feelings really well, you can find his piece here.

The NHLPA are responsible here, the GMs are responsible here, and the coaches are responsible here. Suspend the coach 1 game if a player gets suspended, or suspend the coach for the same amount of games as the player. Fine a GM $50,000 for each game, thus, Rutherford loses $200,000 for his decision to call up Sestito. Do anything to make the coaches impart upon their players the stupidity of this. 

Why wont these things happen? Because people who work within the NHL only think about themselves. The latest GM meetings prove this, it is all about self preservation. The GMs should not be making decisions on what the game looks like on the ice, they will always only frame it to suit their purposes. 

Can you see Lombardi being OK with obstruction actually being called? What about Jarmo Kekalainen, would he be willing to have the garbage after the whistles called, and only one player taken? You can see the problem with GMs shaping the game on the ice, it is not for the fans, it is for their own pocket. 

Back to Sestito, 19 games, look his season is already done anyway, but the fact that Winnipeg lose a player to something so unnecessary makes this even more frustrating as a fan of hockey. 


One last issue with this idiotic decision; if the Penguins lose anyone due to a high hit the rest of the way, the league, fans, and players should show them no sympathy, they are as much a part of the problem rather than being the solution. 

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