What a great first night of hockey for the NHL. Excitement in the Capital, and joy in Edmonton. Also a great example of a clean hit causing a concussion, and the reason why it is imperative of the NHL and the Department of Player Safety to remove illegal hits to the head because hits like Chris Neil's on Matt Hunwick are going to happen.


This is an unavoidable collision of the head against the boards, you could not ask for a cleaner manner in which to hit a player with the puck. You can make the arguement that Neil wasn't attempting to separate the player from the puck, but come on, these are the types of hits we want to see in the game. 

The unfortunate side effect of a contact sport is what happened to Hunwick's head, the cut and what looked like concussion symptoms whilst on the ice is not great, but these are the concussions that will never leave the game.

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