So here is the problem with not suspending Radko Gudas last Thursday, not only did he play in this game versus the Bruins, but you cannot the previous hit as a factor in ramping up this punishment. The Department of Player Safety cannot even ask for a mulligan on Thursdays choice and extend his suspension length.

I would like to know what Darren Dreger is smoking. First point of contact is the head, what is there to chew over? They blew it the first time and an NHL player is paying the price. 

I also do not know why he is being a Radko Gudas apologist?

I have admitted myself Gudas is actually pretty good and playing hockey, he just seems incapable of playing behind the line. 


All of this rant comes from the below hit.

Here is the problem with the Department of Player Safety not suspending Gudas for his hit on Vesey on Thursday. The argument that Vesey moved late and caused the hit is summed up brilliantly buy Ian Flemming.

So once again I have to ask why someone like Dreger is being an apologist for Gudas, he has not condoned any of his hits, has given him a platform to say 'sorry' and is out there suggesting that this decision by the Department of Player Safety is a tough one. Media like Dreger who try to normalise hits that are injurious or potentially injurious are just as culpable as the NHL in their ignorance of concussion and CTE. This is a hit that should be called interference even if it is a clean hit, why? Because it is so late and the puck so far gone, the only thing the hit is attempting to do (if clean) reduce the ability of a player to skate into the play. 

Here is the suspension without last Thursday being taken into account:


Now with last Thursday being taken into account, the multiplier effect kills Gudas, and probably the Flyers start of the season with the couple of blue line injuries they have at the moment. 2016-10-09Gudas43.PNG

Chris Pronger has had a massive influence on the Department of Player Safety ever since he joined. The length of suspensions are down, what is considered the victims fault has gotten broader and just in the preseason I have had to write 5 of these articles, in the PRESEASON, it is a joke.

The NHL have decided they better look like they are doing something for concussion by having more spotters at arenas. How about cleaning up the rule breaking on the ice (call the rules as they are written) and then the most of the concussion spotting the NHL will need is for heads hitting the glass or the ice through a legal body check, that kind of concussion is a side product of a contact sport, not this garbage. 

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