Well Brooks Orpik comes in for one game and goes straight back out again. Looks like a right medial collateral ligament from the image below.

 orpik knee

It is hard to say how long Orpik will be out for.



The MCL (medial collateral ligament) is supposed to stop the knee from collapsing in. However when you get an extreme force pushing across the knee laterally it can tear. The degree of the tear would determine how long Orpik is out for.



If Orpik has suffered just a strain or a grade I tear he may be able to play with a knee brace on, similar to Gonchar in the 2009 playoffs.

Orpik’s skating ability was already limited through this playoff run; playing ‘down a leg’ may not be the best option for the Penguins.

If the injury is more severe; a grade II or grade III tear Orpik will be for all intensive purposes done for the rest of the playoff run.


It wont just be the healing of the ligament that will take it’s time, it will be the strengthening of the vastus medialis obliquus (VMO) that will take time.


It is a muscle that wont be able to be worked on until the ligament is fully healed. The bonus of being a hockey player is the VMO is highly developed compared to most athletes so Orpik wont be starting from too far back.

There is a basic rehab exercise that Orpik will be trying to do ASAP to get back on the ice it will be a VMO activation exercise. Below is a video from www.brewstersrunning.com that covers off on that particular exercise head to 1 minute into the video and you will see the VMO being activated.

On top of a Penguin getting injured a Duck got hurt playing against the Kings Last night. Frederik Andersen hurt his right leg, it is too early to look at what he hurt, we may not know until after the playoffs. Andersen has the possibility of a quad, adductor, or similar to Orpik a medial ligament injury. Lets see how this one plays out first.