Well the off-season is almost here. The Cup is about to be decided and for those players who didn’t make the playoffs they should just about be starting their off-season strength and conditioning work.

Which got me thinking, what do you want to know? I know there are those of you out there who will want to improve your on ice performance but aren’t exactly sure how to do it, so here is your chance to ask an expert.

Let me know in the comments section what you want me to cover off during the off-season in relation to fitness. It could be any topic, just ask and I will look to give you some answers, I may give the answers in a podcast or vodcast we will see what the best way to deliver is.

Ultimately though you pick the topic and I will provide you with some answers, injuries, rehab progressions, improving your strength or your cardio fitness, ask away!

Whilst we may not have the time a pro hockey player gets to work on their conditioning it doesn’t mean you cannot have the tools and direction they get.

Bring on the questions!