Ok guys, the season is done and I'm going to take a look at each teams injury trends for the year. I'm going to look at each team over the next couple of months, at the end I'm going to look to see if there are any trends.

I am going to investigate the types of injuries and what percentage of man games lost they caused this season. Hopefully the good old concussion injury is low on the count. I will go through the teams by division and work my way through the league.

At the end I will summarise and see if there is one type of injury that keeps cropping up. The issue here is the good old 'upper body injury' and 'lower body injury', these will take some sifting through the interweb to see if I can find details on what those injuries were.

I must credit Man Games Lost for their great work in tracking games lost for suspensions, injuries and DNPs (coaches decision). Without their work I think this may have taken forever.