Well some quick recovery news.

Pavel Datsyuk

As we know Datsyuk has had an MRI to check out the seriousness of his shoulder injury, he should be 1 week into his expected 4 week planned rehab of his separated shoulder.

If I was the Red Wings I would be working on the side of caution and keeping him out for 6 weeks. The silver lining for Datsyuk is he can still work his legs as he rehabs the shoulder, so he should be able to keep his work rate up and the extra two weeks wont affect his on ice performance when he returns

Derek Stepan

Derek Stepan suffered the same fate, although in a different way, as Jordan Staal.

Vigneault is hoping for a traditional 4-6 week timetable for Stepan, I think that could be a little hopeful. After having X-Rays and not being able to find the break originally, Stepan may have a situation where the bone is struggling to heal. This can lead to longer than normal time off the leg to allow it to heal fully. Lets hope for the Rangers, the time off the ice isn’t as long as Jordan Staal’s break is going to be.

Beau Bennett

Well Bad News Beau strikes again, with Beau Bennett of the Pittsburgh Penguins getting clipped by teammate Kasperi Kapanen at practice. This puts Bennett on the shelf for 6 weeks, coach Mike Johnston said there is no need for surgery suggesting it is a small tear or severely strained ligaments. Two weeks off the leg and 4 weeks to rehab and strengthen the muscles around the knee should hopefully have Bennett back on the ice.

Stephane Robidas

Stephane Robidas is in the final stages of his own broken leg recovery. As Randy Carlyle says “He will be available to us once we feel and he feels he has his feet underneath him”. Nice to see the Leafs are taking a slowly, slowly approach, it is the second break Robidas is recovering from in 12 months.