A quick look at the significant injuries in the Pacific Division.

This could well be the tightest of the four divisions when trying to get a guaranteed trip to the playoffs, any key player injured for a length of time and you could be fighting for that dreaded wild card position.


A wrist injury that could Souray’s career, could have thrown a spanner in the works for the Ducks GM, however knowing this was the case before the season started, Murray has had the luxury of filling the roster spot. Heatley’s groin injury however has left the Ducks in a situation of not knowing where he will fit in up or down the line up. There will be some tinkering early in the season for Boudreau to get some chemistry. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ducks start off slow.


The ‘Yotes are lucky enough to be healthy, Gagner remains the only significant player who may miss the start of the season. A full roster will be important for Arizona as any long term injuries may cost them a chance of making the playoffs.


The Flames have a relatively healthy roster with a few players on a ‘day to day’ basis. The biggest issues is Markus Granlund who is going through the NHL concussion protocol. Lets hope he gets through with no issues and gets back on the ice safely.  One injury to keep an eye on will be Mikael Backlund and his abdominal strain, if he returns too early, it could bother him all season.


The Oliers really need everything to go right this year with their health. Expectations of an improved season are high, players off the ice for a long time will not help the cause. Nikitin twisting an ankle is not a great start, temptation will be to rush him back. Walking around in a boot would suggest it should be a longer layoff than the 1-2 weeks being floated around at the moment. It does however look as though the Oilers are taking a cautious approach to Petrie and his shoulder injury, having Petrie healthy for 70 games is much better than a 75% Petrie for 82.

Los Angeles

A couple of scares in the Kings preseason, Gaborik and Doughty missing some time due to the good old upper body and ‘undisclosed’ injuries. However looks as though they will start the season. Quick on the other hand looks as though his rehab for his wrist injury is going as planned, but will still miss time at the start of the year. Time to see if Martin Jones can carry a good team for a stretch of time.

San Jose

Well the Sharks are injury free to basically every key player on their roster. Kennedy would be considered the only significant injury worry and he is listed as day to day. Expect a fast start from a team that knows each other well.


Something the Canucks didn’t have the luxury of last season, a healthy team, well healthy to all the key components. With their depth taking a little bit of a hit with the exit of Kessler, an long term injury could very well end their season.

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