Ok, so the big new Caps signing should be missing game 1 of the season. Here is Quintal’s chance to show he is different to Shanahan or if he is the same ‘hammer’. That is not a bad thing; consistency over a few years would be good for the league. I just think Shanahan went too soft on his suspension length; his delivery of he decisions was fantastic. 

Below is the table I am basing this seasons suspensions on, you can see it will only get you suspended for a full 82 games if you max out on all of the ‘factors’. 


This is just clumsy from Niskanen, he is falling over his check and wants to hurt Skinner, problem is Skinner turns at the wrong time and Niskanen’s elbow is extended. 

You can argue that Skinner’s movement is what caused the head high contact, but if Niskanen has his elbow tucked there may not be any contact at all as Niskanen is too far way to get body and body contact.


The system gives Niskanen 10 games, its seems harsh to me as the quick change of direction from Skinner does contribute to the hit, but Niskanen does have his elbow extended away from the body.

Skinner has a history of head issues so this one sucks, both for Niskanen (probably suspension due to injury) and especially for Skinner. With J Staal out it would have been expected Skinner to take on a larger offensive role this season, it will be hard doing so from the sidelines.

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