So much for Valeri Nichushkin sliding into the Stars line up and helping them back into the dog fight that is the Central Division. With the recovery time from the hip surgery being 4 months, has the Dallas GM thrown in the towel already on the season? Probably not, although they are only 3 points out of 29th place this year and it is obvious that the holes in the Stars roster are being exposed. This is not where I expected Dallas to be, as I have been reminded by Ryan on many occasion, I had Dallas winning the division, so far, I'm a little off base!

The injury itself, well as usual teams are vague in relation to what is being operated on. It could be the labrum in the hip or it could be one of the many muscles around the hip/pelvis area. With Nichushkin having both hip and groin issues all this season. As I have said before pelvic stability is so very important in speed athletes, not only for efficient generation of speed and power but also injury prevention. 

I haven't been able to find exactly what is being operated on, if it is the labrum in the hip or the muscles around the hip, the Stars young D man John Klingberg had similar surgery last season and he has recovered well enough for the Stars to find Sergei Gonchar expendable so the biggest issue for Dallas is what is going to happen to their 2014-15 season.

This is a prime example of what happens when players try to 'work through' an injury rather than let it fully recover. The groin issues that have been plaguing Nichushkin have developed from his body trying to accommodate pain in his hip. Usually in this situation the player is just not being honest with himself and thus the training staff trying to get him back on the ice. It is a shame really, Nichushkin had all the markings this year of breaking out and being a cheap x factor for the Stars to push forward this season.




Just taking a quick look at the above diagram you can see how any displacement of the pelvic position can have a detrimental effect on the groin/abductor region of the hip. Continual repetition of movement whilst out of alignment will exhaust muscle stamina and thus cause an injury to the muscles.

In this situation you hope that the surgery is just to the labrum in the hip and the muscle injuries that have been caused by the required hip surgery will not need any further treatment apart from muscular rehab and strengthening. 4 months is a long time out of the game and the middle of March is asking a lot of a 19 year old to get up to game speed and contribute at the NHL level.


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