Today Martin Brodeur had one of his worst days in net as a professional hockey player. On the big stage at Yankee Stadium Brodeur gave up 6 goals on21 shots in a 7-3 blowout loss to the New York Rangers.

Devils Head Coach Peter DeBoer had the impossible task of either starting the goaltender that is head and shoulder above the other guy, or start the legend who’s play does not merit being a starter anymore.

DeBoer went with Brodeur and finally made the switch during the 2nd intermission to Cory Schneider. It was too little too late.

Martin Brodeur was understandably upset after the game.

Brodeur then went on to complain about the playing conditions.

This is where I am drawing the line.

Brodeur’s play had nothing to do with ice conditions, it has everything to do with the fact that he has been a below average goaltender for the better part of 4 ½ seasons.

From 2009-2013 amongst goaltenders who played in 1,000 minutes or more Brodeur ranks 48th overall in EVSV% with .9172%.

His goaltending partner Cory Schneider is #1 overall during that same sample size with .9319%.

This season Brodeur ranks 31 out of 32 goaltenders in EVSV% (1000 minutes minimum). Brodeur has an anemic EVSV% .9052%. The only goaltender who is worse than him is Devan Dubnyk and a lot of his issues can be traced directly to the woeful play in front of him in Edmonton.

Martin Brodeur does not have that excuse; his Devils are a top 5 Fenclose% team. The Devils rank 5th overall with 53.4%.

Cory Schneider’s EVSV% this year is .9275% which is good for 10th overall.

Last year during the 2012-2013 season the Devil’s were 25th overall in EVSV% at .9121%. This season they have only improved two spots to 23rd overall with .9158% despite having Cory Schneider playing at a high level.

The Devils are currently out of a playoff spot and the number one reason for that is because Pete DeBoer has split the goaltending duties this year. If Cory Schneider was given the lion’s share of the goalie assignments this season the Devils would most definitely be sitting in a playoff spot at this moment.

Brodeur can blame the quality of ice all he wants for his performance today, but what will he blame the past 4 ½ years on?

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