What is the Jack Adams Trophy?

Is it a trophy for the coach who has the best players and gets them to achieve their full potential?

Is it for the coach who overcomes the most injuries and hardship during the year?

Is it for the coach who takes a team that was pegged as being bad before the season and then brings them to the playoffs?

Is it for the new coach who takes over a team and does drastically better than his predecessor? 

While I'm sure some of these examples have played into the award I don't think that they are the driving force behind the award.  There is one statistic that I have found that is a pretty good indicator on if a coach is going to be eligible for the award or not.

Since 2008-09 a majority of the time the Jack Adams Trophy has gone to the guy who gets top five goaltending at even strength.




EVSV% (rank)


Claude Juilien

.939% (1st)


Dave Tippett

.929% (5th)


Dan Bylsma

.927% (7th)


Ken Hitchcock

.939% (1st)


Paul MacLean

.934% (3rd)


Patrick Roy

.931% (5th)


Perhaps that old saying is true.  A coach is only as good as his goalie.

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