If its hockey you want to know about, it's hockey you're gonna get

Cameron (@walshy66) and Ryan (@gunnerstaal) give you their unique perspective of the state of the NHL. Western Buffalo meets Western Australia, both bring years of experience in hockey and coaching to wrestle with what the NHL is doing with the game of hockey.

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Panic Stations Everyone


We have our first panic move to discuss, and the ramifications around the league if another team fires a coach. The 'Hawks without Keith and of course the Penguins!

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Surprises at the top and the bottom


Just over a week in and we have surprises at both ends of the league. Some really positive plusses and some shocking negatives. What we do know is it is great to have hockey back to chat about and have games that mean something!

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The Preview Podcast that almost wasn't


Ok so the preview podcast that almost wasnt, we finally record our preview podcast and discuss the 1st game of the Penguins and Walshy goes off on suspensions (not a surprise there really.)

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Pre-season Pittsburgh Chatter


Pre-season is upon us, so we discuss the Penguins, where they are good, and where they are lacking. For once we don't agree on everything...

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Best and worst of the Pacific, EA NHL Comparisons!


Wrapping up with the Pacific, your questions answered and news and notes from around the league. Oh yeah we critically analyse NHL 94 and 95 (it's at the end).

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Division in the Middle, The Central


It's the Central today, kinda feels like it is a division in transition. Also Franson is off the market, well done Buffalo.

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The Metro


Its the Metro today, there was more there than we expected, the division looked to have been quite, not the case.

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Best and Worst Moves in the Atlantic Division + Mark Giordano extension


We're back! We make up a topic to discuss; best and worst moves of the Atlantic division and we have a yak about the Giordano contract and Ehrhoff signing in LA.

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Sutter is a Canuck, WOW, plus other great signings


Well Voracek, Stepan and Johansson get signed to great contracts, oh yeah and Brandon Sutter got traded in case you haven't heard.

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Better the Devil you know.


Semin gets signed, Holtby gets paid and there is a Devil in Toronto. An interesting week in the dog days of the off season.

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