I'm not sure why, but this playoff run feels like more and more slashing, hooking, and illegal checks are getting let go to allow the teams to play. I don't think I was more frustrated as a Penguins fan when Ruhwedel got hit by Ryan and the lone penalty was on Cole (Cole did deserve the penalty). 

Here is the hit:

 2017 05 22RyanHit

I'm at the point now that nothing will change until the class action case against the NHL is completed and they bleed money. 

I really hope they do.

It is also incumbent on the Players Association to push harder to protect themselves, I am not holding my breath either. 

Mr Wingels shouldn't play again in the playoffs, that includes the 9 possible games left, he should miss at least the first of the next season. I struggle to see Wingels getting a game. 

2017 05 22WingelsHit

This year has been a real grind, more injuries to important players on all 4 teams than years past, I honestly think it is because of the extra hacks and whacks and interference the star players are having to work through to 'prove' they are playoff worthy. 

Please make it stop, I want to see skill out there, not Chris Neil. 

Thanks for reading.