So Mr Weise gets 3 games for a hit to the head where separating the puck from the player should have been the intent. Had that thought been in his mind, I have a feeling he would have hit Holzer in the chest, alas that was not his intent.

It is your pretty standard hit to the head really, and seeing as Weise already has a history, 3 games is weak. But we expect nothing less at the moment do we. 

2016 10 22Wiese

This is more about the threat of missing a quarter of the season, a player silly enough to put that on the line deserves the time off. 

Then David Pastrnak had a perfect opportunity to destroy Dan Girardi legally, and I mean destroy. He took the cheap and easy path (sorry star wars fans, couldn't help it) and went the head. Girardi left himself open to any number of clean body checks reaching for that puck, I think the decision to hit Girardi high is reason enough to suspend, just stupid. 

As far as what to expect from the Department of Player Safety, two games is consistent with a first time offender. But the next hit being 3 games if Weise is anything to go by doesn't really put the fear of God in a player does it?


Then there are those that did not rate a call or a second look at from the Department of Player Safety, lets start with Dmitry Kulikov.

So lets blame Voracek for 'admiring his pass' but where is the principle point of contact? His head, I believe, and if you still think that Voracek is available to be hit in this situation he doesn't change is direction or head height for that to be an excuse for Kulikov to hit him in the head. Having already been suspended for 4 games in February 2015 this is his second offence and should be punished accordingly. 


Of course the player making the play is at fault here for watching his pass..... 

Can we ask what Andrew Ladd was thinking here? 

Because at the least he was going to get a penalty, and worse injure a player and get a fine or suspension. Luckily for him, it was just a game changing penalty. Ladd only ever saw Hagelin's numbers had plenty of time to pull up but still decided to go ahead and make the hit. I didn't expect the Department of Player Safety to go and put down a fine or suspend Ladd, but it is a good example of 'physicality' that can only lead to injury and has no material effect on the Islanders ability to retrieve the puck. 


We can only hope that the next generation of leaders in the Department of Player Safety feel like protecting those who have the puck and are making exciting things happen on the ice.

Thanks for reading.