I have to give the Department of Player Safety credit here, I was expecting a fine on this play, however they did put in a suspension, it is nice to see.

Jagr leaving the game is the only reason Bortuzzo did get the 2 game suspension, and this is where I have an issue.

Here is Quintal's assessment of the hit.

My previous article covering off this Bortuzzo hit had Bortuzzo being suspended for 8 games. I however have decided to have a second crack at it using Quintal's assessemtn of the hit.

Original Assessment2014_12_03_Bort_Jagr.png

Quintal Assessment


 So using the terms from Quintal's assessment of the hit Bortuzzo would get an extra 4 games, the terms 'extreme' and 'predatory' are the difference here.

I am still trying to understand how Emelin only gets a fine when he hits Gionta in the head clean.

Is the difference between the Bortuzzo and Emelin decisions purely the fact the player hit was injured or unable to return? If so that is a dangerous precidence to set, because we are not going to see behavioural changing suspensions until it is too late, and that is sad.

Emelin was even warned if he makes a hit like that again, he had better get the shoulder, it is a hit clean to the head. If you want to prevent concussion, not wait until someone gets 'Savard-ed' before giving them a substantial suspension.

Penguins fans have every right to feel 'slighted' from this decision, if you want consistency from this department, Emelin should have been suspended. Bortuzzo's hit certainly is a suspension, Emelin's should have been too. 

Either way you look at it, the inconsistency is still spineless.

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