So another Penguins game, another hit that could have a player suspended. This is a tough one for me, it was definitely boarding, and you could tell from Comeau's reaction he knew he had 'done bad' as soon as he had completed the hit.

That said it was still a hit from the behind and the kind of hit the NHL is trying to get out of the game.

Comeau is in an interesting situation, he was suspended as a Blue Jacket for 2 games for boarding Detroit's Brendan Smith. So I have a feeling if the Department of Player Safety do take a look at it, they will have no choice but to suspend him.

So what do you do? Well I have put in two options here, one with Comeau as a 1st offender and a 2nd offender. You will see the price is a lot more to pay. Not only has Comeau been suspended before, but for the exact same infringement. Will this be taken into account? Who knows, but what Penguins fans do know, when it rains it pours, if it is not injuries it is suspensions stopping the Penguins from putting their full team on the ice.

1st offense

 Cost: $59,756.10

2nd Offense


Cost: $136,585.37

Obviously he is not going to get suspended more than 5 games, the 'arbitration rule' will see to that. A stiffer suspension on Comeau's previous infringement and I don't think we have that skill error occurring. Comeau certainly didn't have any intention of destroying anyone, so it is a skill error that needs fixing.

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