Nice to see the fine that Marco Scandella received earlier in the year encouraged a change of on ice behavior.

Firstly if the Department of Player Safety had actually suspended him for his hit on Oshie, Scandella would still have been on the ice for this game.

Secondly, this is the same kind of hit that Scandella was fined for, elbow out flush on the head. It is a department for player safety, until they become pro active and start putting in suspensions and dollar punishments that are going to change behavior we are going to continue to see crap like this. 

Scandella’s first suspension should have been 8 games and over a 100 grand fine.

2014 12 02 Scandella Oshie

This second incident should be 21 games and a loss of salary of over 250 grand. 2014_12_14_Scandella.png

The players are showing with their on ice actions they are not changing their behavior under the current system, next season the system needs to ‘go big’ and start hitting the players pocket hard.

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