Well Ryan Garbutt is helping me prove my point.

A 3 game suspension for slew footing Byfglin after already getting a suspension for kneeing Taylor Hall is not going to stop Garbutt.

Look at the level of importance of the 2 players Garbutt has hit and the importance of Garbutt to the Stars, there is a major disparity between the two Garbutt hit and himself.

There is also a major disparity between the pulling power of Garbutt and the two players Garbutt inflicted his ‘skills’ upon.

I know I would go out of my way to watch Byfgulin and Hall, Garbutt, not so much. This isn’t just about being a repeat offender, it is Garbutt understanding his role and going after the other teams important (in the case of Hall most important) players and trying to ‘get physical’ with them.

At least the league recognized that this was Garbutt’s 4th charge and increased the punishment for slewfooting due to it.

I have an issue with slewfooting, I don’t have a direct measure for it in the matrix. What I have done is get as close as possible to the result as I can in relation to the effect of the hit. This is why I have called it predatory and extreme, yes it is a lot of games for ‘just a slewfoot’ however it is Garbutt’s 4th offense and his most recent offence was the use of a knee on Taylor Hall’s knee so he has a history of using his legs on his fellow NHLPA members.


This is the point of the matrix, there is no way in hell that Garbutt even thinks about slewfooting in this situation with this as his potential suspension. You can see how close Byfglin head gets to hitting the ice seeing as he is out of control of his body, this is what this department can take out of the game with more extreme punishment.

This is Garbutt's 2nd suspension this season and he only gets 3 games, there is still no reason for him to change his actions.

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