I know hockey is a physical sport and we love big hit, both open ice and against the boards. The fact you can crush a guy against the boards is unique to hockey and the noise is awesome, it brings another element to board hits.

You have to be smart around the boards these days, personally I think Toews is too far away from the boards for Seidenberg to commit a 'big' physical hit on this play. make contact with Toews certainly but make contact to extract the puck, not paste Toews into the boards.

Toews should expect to be hit, he is on a 5 on 3 and you can argue is the most important player on that Blackhawks squad, he is going to be the target of a lot of physical contact throughout the game. Claude Julien's assertion that Toews needs to protect himself is wrong,he needs to protect himself from a hit that is attempting to retrieve the puck, not put him through the boards.

The distance from the boards is not too dissimilar to the hit that Blake Comeau made on Tanev (and didn't get suspended). So the no suspension is not a surprise and the consistency is nice.

The argument of who is responsible for the outcome of this collision is always going to be contentious. At the start of the millennium I would probably agree with Claude Julien to be honest. The game was in a place where 'the badge of honor' in the game of hockey was how tough you were to destroy the opposition with your physicality.

The is changing, like it or not, for better or worse.

Back to the hit, as I did with the Comeau hit I think Seidenberg should be suspended. 2014_12_13_SeidenbergToews.pngI have to agree with my partner Ryan Wilson's tweet:


The game has moved on, time for the hitter to start being responsible for his actions.

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