Well Bobby Farnham got cleaned out by Sean Bergenheim. After the Robert Bortuzzo suspension earlier in the year Penguins fans will be asking for a suspension on the hit.

When I saw the hit at full speed I thought the hit was fine to be honest, didn't think contact to the head was made, upon watching the hit again from a couple of different angles I stand by that assessment.

You can make the argument for an interference penalty or charging as the puck was away from Farnham but I do not think it was a suspension worthy hit.

Farnham's post hit issues looked more like he had lost his wind rather than a concussion. However you can get a concussion just from the neck snap in a big hit like this one. The brain will hit the skull and harm the brain.

If we want to take the hit and put it through the suspension system, the table is here below:


If you look at the Hit Intent you can argue it should be 'hurt' but I just can't do it. It would be 6 games for the hit and I'm not even big on that as a suspension. As I have said this is a work in progress if there is anywhere you can help refine this, by all means help me out, it will be appreciated.

Once again thanks for reading.

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