Matt Stajan is right:

“Obviously, your initial reaction is you’re pissed off,” Stajan said after participating in Thursday morning’s practice at the Stampede Corral. “The onus is on the player making the hit to not make contact with the head. I was upset that the head was what I thought was the initial point of contact.

(Calgary Herald)

The bolded part is the reality of today's NHL.

Once fans start to take that reality seriously the less outrage there will be when players get suspended when players have their head down.

Aulie had no interest in the puck, you have to at least think about it, and you then have NOT hit the head.

2 games and $8,202.16 is a joke, it is not going to change behavior. Mind you though if you are an Oilers fan you do have a right to be asking why this gets a 2 game suspension for a 1st time incident and Marco Scandella got a fine on his first hit.


I know a lot of you out there think the amount of games I want players suspended for is outrageously high, but we have watched over the last 3 seasons that the current application of 'player safety' has not lowered suspensions or fines.

There is not even a video explaining the departments decision, just this statement. I thought all suspensions were supposed to come with a video explanation so both the fans and the player understand why the decision was made.

Thanks for reading.

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