Thankfully I was wrong and the Department of Player Safety did actually suspend Ryan Suter for his elbow on Stevie Downie.

However I still reiterate that this is supposed to be a department for player safety, and this resultant 2 game suspension does nothing to change the on ice actions of the players. Marco Scandella made a similar transgression earlier in the year and only received a fine, it took a more egregious transgression only a few games later for the league to actually suspend him.

Not exactly the actions of a league looking out for the safety of the players.

This punishment will do nothing to make Suter think twice about flicking the elbow again.

I know the league thinks having past players helps in the process of reviewing the act, however they come at the volume of games as an ex player and do not want to suspend players for any length of time that will change a player and the way they play.

The NHLPA really did hancuff the league in the last CBA negotiations by making sure that any suspension 6 games or over goes to arbitration to be reviewed so it really has left a ceiling on what the league can 'automatically' dish out suspension wise. The players are just as culpable in this lack of punitive punishment as the league.

This is the third transgression this year for the Wild that the Department for Player Safety has had to rule on. Had Marco Scandella's first transgression received more than a fine, and I mean something substantial, 8 games over $100K fine, Scandella's hit on Brock Nelson doesn't occur and Suter doesn't flick out an elbow on Downie.

For crying out loud, be proactive, be a leader, and change the on ice habits of the players.

The players have proven that being hit in the hip pocket will make them change, so use it, take a heap of scratch from their pocket and see how they change.

You take enough moola out on multiple times if need and they will stop it, I guarantee it.

An elbow that costs you just short of 1 million dollars, who would be stupid enough to do that again.



Well Ryan Suter can thank Steve Downie for not getting a hearing for elbowing Downie flush in the head.

There is no way the officials on the ice could have seen the elbow, those asking for a penalty are asking too much, it was sneaky, it was lightning quick, it was dirty.

However the Department of Player Safety wont take a look at it and at least fine Suter.

Their Scandella rulings would suggest so, if they are going to follow their own precedent. Funny how these seem to be following the Wild.




Well it should be 10 games, lets see if the players involved have an influence on the Department of Player Safety and how they approach this one.

I'd like to see a suspension, however if we want consistency the decision will be influenced by Downie and his inability to get back on the ice for the rest of the game.

If Downie does return, it does not make what Suter did any less dangerous and if it is a "Department of Player Safety" shouldn't they be doing what they can to take plays like this out of the game.

Thanks for reading!

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