Yes it is.

Sorry Andy Brickley but if you want to say that's not a slew foot, you're a fool.

As a Penguins fan I know an ridiculously biased coverage when I see one. I know why they say the things they say, but there is a time and place to be objective. Plays like this is one of those times.

Back to the actual play.

Anyone that slew foots a player is only trying to injure the player they engage with. As much as people hate how Marchand goes about his business, he is damn effective doing it. He has only been suspended the once back in Jan 2012. Thus this is only his 2nd recorded offense.


The league barely suspended Ryan Garbutt for a slew foot, and that was Garbutt's 4th suspension. So why would Marchand be worried about the price paid for his in game actions?

As I have said before until the league actually starts punishing players with numbers that will hurt their wallet, nothing will change.

Thanks for reading.

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