The Department of Player Safety gave Dan Carcillo a 6 game suspension for what was basically an agressive cross-check.

Perreault has every right to think he is out of the play, and I do not think he should be expecting to be hit in that situation.

What Carcillo did was egregious and stupid and one of the reasons players like him should not be in the game. However the act of the cross-check happens so many times in the game, why is the NHL looking at this one in particular? Carcillo did receive a 2 minute minor penalty, you can argue it deserved a 4 minute double minor, but he was punished in the game.

They are looking at it because a player was injured. No injury, no hearing, simple as that.

It was violent and the only thing Carcillo was going to achieve with the location of his cross-heck was to injure Perreault. Plain and simple, and that is what he should get suspended on, not the end result.

The Department of Player Safety did a great job of explaining Carcillo and his history. I think the most important part of all of this is the CBA determination of what is a repeat offender. Of Carcillo's 11 trips in front of the Department of Player Safety the only one that comes into consideration as a repeat offender is the incident in last season's playoffs.

The other 10 are disregarded, this includes the 3 that are stick infractions.

8 times suspended and 3 times fined, does this look like a player who has changed his spots due to supplemental discipline?

The 6 games he receives with this suspension is not going to change his actions, why would it.

With that history he should get tagged so many more games, but the CBA, which the players helped put together, shows that the players are not serious about changing on ice actions either. 

The funny thing is, I do not have anything in the system to cover off a play like this.


The factors that fit specifically to this incident are:

  • intent
  • puck location
  • contact force
  • History multiplier

Hit location, body part used and body position don't really have a 'read' in this incident, it shows you how stupid this decision from Carcillo was.

78 games seems totally overblown for something as simple as a cross-check gone wrong. However had Carcillo been punished appropriately prior to this play with the prospect of 78 games and losing almost all of his 1 year contract hanging over his head, do you really think he does this?

Does he break the arm of a player who just scored 4 goals is playing some of his best hockey and is great to watch on the ice.

Who wins in this situation? Certainly not the fans, and not the jets, even though they will get Perreault back for the play-off push, there is no guarantee he will come back at the level he current was. Carcillo however will get back on the ice and continue to do what does.

As I have said before this is the only league I have watched that does such a bad job of protecting the players that bring fans to the arena to make money. This is still a league that has it's team by team profit made by the turnstile.

I love hockey because it is a team sport, you need 22 players who can play to win the Stanley Cup, taking away players like Carcillo and the like will not make the game soft, upholding the rule book as it is written will allow the stars of the game to shine.

It will also open up the big physical hits we all love to see, players can hit big and legally, we have seen that this year, protecting the players will not take that away.

Players like Ryan Garbutt and John Scott are on rosters to help 'protect' their teams star players, however they are getting suspended for trying to injure star players of their opponents.

The pests like Brad Marchand walk that fine line and do cross it sometimes, but are never punished enough to make sure they stay behind the line. If Brassard comes away with a knee strain or broken leg from that hit, no suspension the league would currently throw out, would stop Marchand from doing something like again.

I get it, teams see that the league isn't actually making the game safer, not with their suspensions, so they have to protect their players the only way they know how.

The eye for an eye attitude of the 70's and 80's shouldn't fly in today's game due to what we know about concussion and the league should be worried about the class action the NFL is going through, because it will be coming on the NHL too.

Ask yourself what play has the prospect of causing more damage to a player:





Which hit got suspended for the higher amount of games?

Don't look at the injury, look at the act.

Thanks for reading.

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