The lack of spine in the length of suspensions has finally been 'called out'.

I will say this in Rinaldo's defense, if Letang comes away with a concussion, it is not from Rinaldo's contact to Letangs body,  it is from the contact of Letangs helmet on the glass.

Zac Rinaldo's post game comments show just how little impact the current activity of the Department of Player Safety has on players changing their on ice actions.

I will give Rinaldo credit, we often complain about hockey players being bland and sticking to the script. Rinaldo did not, and I have a feeling it is not going to help him with the Department of Player safety.

A lack of bite from the Department of Player Safety gives Rinaldo no fear of monetary punishment, thus no need to change. 2015_01_21_Rinaldo.png

Why not run Letang? As Rinaldo said, the game changed because of the hit. I've said it before and I will say it again, the NHL is the only league I know who doesn't protect those that make the league its money.

Thanks for reading.

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