Boston and Brad Marchand have a nice question for the Department of Player Safety.

Is this just a trip or is it a slew foot?

If you take the eye for an eye attitude the NHL is quite happy to purvey, then this is a slew foot. Tavares is an exempliary player, I don't remember seeing him do anything more than any player would in fighting for a puck. This just seems so out of character, I am happy to be corrected but it just seems odd. 

Either way you look to justify the act, it is still extremely dangerous, even with Marchand playing the puck and knowing he could be hit.

I have said before I do not have a variable for a slew foot, it will have to be added in next year, however putting a square peg into a round hole I have come up with this:


I would assume that a suspension like this would make Tavares think twice about doing something like this again. If he keeps his stick down and not use it to help Marchand to the ice, it is just a trip.

I will add one thing, Tavares is the best value contract going around, a 5.5M cap hit for what he brings to the Islanders is proof he is in Long Island to win, the money he left on the table is significant.

Thanks for reading.