So the NHL finally suspends Antoine Roussel for a cheap shot. After getting a fine earlier in the year for a sucker punch on Justin Braun, that cost him all of $5,376.34, this 2 game suspension will cost Roussel $21,505.38.

So all up for two trips to the Department of Player Safety Rousell has lost $26,881.72 for two plays that you can really consider cheap and not a part of hockey.

Both are cheap and nasty, and not the kind of stuff I could consider 'tough', 'for the team', 'intangible' to a team winning. The first incident, Roussel went after Stalock, caused the issue, and then went all 'cheap' on the punch on Braun. 

Back to the suspendable cross check, I do not care what Roussel says, he is shorter than McQuaid, he HAD to reach up to get him in the neck. Roussel knew what he was doing and wanted to injure McQuaid, otherwise you just cross check him in the chest and knock him over.


Roussel is getting paid $1.6M this season, with a cap hit of $2M over the course of his current deal, he doesn't hit McQuaid in the neck with his stick if this is hanging over his head.

With the freak throat injury to Lundqvist fresh in our minds, a high stick like this shows you how close you can be to having a vascular injury that can be avoided.

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